Does your product tell an Awesome Story?

Video is the #1 marketing tool, is proven to increase the speed of learning and is
used by over 80% of companies to grab attention on social media.


It's Challenging to grasp your customers attention in today's fast-paced world. Short animated video's is one vibrant way to do this.

Imagined reflections of real situations are a lively and easy way to explain core concepts, issues, products or strategies in seconds!

Are you thinking of introducing new ideas and products to the outside world? Save time with stop-motion animation, white-board animation or explainer video – make your mark!

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Doing the right thing for your Video

Length of Video

Customers attention spans are on the decreasing end. The ideal being 1 minute 35 seconds or lesser.


The First 5 Seconds are Key – In that time someone will decide to watch the whole video or move on


How and where will audiences interact with this media? What channels are best suited for the piece?


Make sure that you're not in violation of any copyrights with the images, words or music that you've selected to use

Identify your Target Audience

Create a working profile of your audience. Then identify the emotions that you want to draw out and how to appeal to the audience in that way.

Powerful Call to Action

A video is a part of a larger marketing strategy for your organization and as with much marketing material, the end goal is to change some behavior. Make sure you have a powerful, single call to action.

Lets put it to right use

It could be to create awareness, generate online fans/followers, get a donation, increase press coverage or strengthen relationships with current advocates/donors.

  • Our talented team of storytellers and animators will work with you from concept to delivery to ensure that your explainer video stands out.
  • We will Help you choose a style that will resonate with your audience.
  • Craft a script that will engage your viewers.
  • Advise on length, voice over and sound effects to ensure your message lands with impact.

The result is an explainer video that gets your concept across quickly and makes anyone watching want to know more.

We have produced explainers for start-ups, charities and global brands, helping them demonstrate their products and services, engage their audiences and ultimately sell more. The results leave our clients consistently delighted – in every instance they would recommend us!

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